A Trekzone Conversation: First Two Episodes Recorded

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Get excited because TREKZONE.org’s next podcast series is in production, with the first two episodes recorded and entering post-production during the week.

As a way to increase quality control I decided to move to an audio-only workflow which helped eliminate the unpredictability of locations, links and also allows me to be a more efficient “one man band.”

First cab off the rank for this new series is Mr Lee Sargent, the man behind the massively ambitious Star Trek 365 project, where the PR man turned illustrator is releasing one sketch every day this year.  You can catch my first chat with Lee here with this new episode going live on September 6.

The following week Jim Moorhouse drops by, a name you may not recognise – but a face you just might… he was given the chance to be an extra on Enterprise, firing the phasers and putting the ship on red alert.  Jim graciously gave me some time to chat about the experience and how it’s changed his life for the better.

Weeks three and four are a little more tentative, but I’ll be at Oz Comic Con and should have a couple of guests to bring you – more details on that when they develop.

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