What To Expect From A Trekzone Commentary

In A Trekzone Commentary

Trekzone’s new podcast is now in production with the first five episodes recorded, so here’s what to expect from A Trekzone Commentary

Joining me for each episode is my Mum and sister Keeley. The three of us are parking ourselves in front of the TV every night to watch Deep Space Nine’s first season as an experiment for a continuing series. But it’s a podcast with a difference, you’ll hear the episode in the background as we discuss a whole range of topics both about the episode and the correlations to real-life events, we’ll sing random songs, hum the theme tune and talk randomly about all sorts of other things.  Special guest star Spike, the Maltese Shih Tzu and Trekzone mascot, will drop by usually too, albeit quietly!

I had no real set goals to achieve when we started recording our first episode on Sunday night, I was happy to go with the flow – and I’ve been very happy with what we’ve recorded so far… it’s taken on life as more of a commentary track you’d get in a good DVD or BluRay, there are some long pauses as we watch the episode and take in the scenes, there’ll be more than a few tangents we go off on… all as a way of extending the reviews I posted five years ago.

A huge thanks to Mum and Keeley for their time, thoughts and inspiration that’ve helped get this series – at least the pilot season – off the ground.


A Trekzone Commentary, Deep Space Nine season one, will premiere nightly from September 9 right here on the new look TREKZONE.org.

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