250 Sketches As Star Trek 365 Clicks Over To A Milestone

Who would’ve thought when I first brought Lee Sargent onto the show back in January, that we’d be back two hundred and twenty days later talking about reaching a massive milestone with his 250th sketch!

Well that’s exactly what’s happened and I’m pleased to say Lee is back on Trekzone, joining me for the first recorded episode of A Trekzone Conversation.  From drawing the original cast to Discovery, from Kes to Janeway, Sisko and Picard as well as everything in between – Lee has smashed through the galactic barrier and asked God what he needs with a starship.

Two hundred and fifty unique drawings released every…single…day capturing the very essence of Star Trek is an achievement in stamina and determination.

Lee joins me today to celebrate the milestone, talking about some of the more tense moments a few months back as the clock slowly but surely counted to midnight while he frantically finished off a few drawings… but we also delve into the future of the Star Trek 365 project for the remainder of 2018 and also plug an upcoming series of collaborative episodes!

Episodes will still be available on YouTube, and the primary push will be those YouTube views, but remember you can now catch Trekzone Podcasts on iTunes by clicking here, please tap that subscribe button to get the latest episodes automatically in your feed!  Listen to Trekzone on your way to and from work, on the plane… anywhere you digest podcasts, you can now catch Trekzone too!

Am I missing your aggregator? Drop me a comment below and I’ll try and make it happen!

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