The Romulan War’s Australian Connection

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The epic fan film attempting to tell the story of the Earth-Romulan War from the mid twenty second century is about to embrace an Aussie connection as Perth film maker, Aaron Vanderkley, agrees to partner with Mark Naccarato from The Romulan War.

American-based Naccarato had been thinking and dreaming about this production for almost a decade, before finally deciding to start up a campaign to raise the funds needed to make it a reality five months ago.  The story he was hoping to tell was a huge arc spanning the major interstellar conflict between Earth and the mysterious Romulan Empire during the 2160’s.

Mark was successful with his Indegogo campaign and set to work making the fan film, with help from talented individuals like Samuel Cockings on CG and now Australia’s own Aaron Vanderkley providing some second unit photography!

On today’s episode I’m thrilled to be joined by Mark and Aaron to discuss this stretch goal of the campaign and learn a little about The Romulan War!

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