DS9’s Emissary – A Trekzone Commentary

Expanding Trekzone’s podcast offerings has always been an idea I’ve wanted to try, to bring you more varied content across Australia’s first Star Trek fan site, and now with the move to audio podcasts – I can do just that.

Today begins a twenty day trial of A Trekzone Commentary, featuring my Mum, sister Keeley and myself watching Deep Space Nine’s first season – for Keeley, it’s the first time she’s sat down to watch the season and for my Mum, she hasn’t seen it in well over a decade so it’s almost like a new experience all over again.

Today’s episode is the Deep Space Nine pilot – Emissary:

Following the withdrawal of the Cardassian occupational forces, the Bajoran Provisional Government invites Starfleet to administrate the former orbital ore processing facility – Terok Nor. Still traumatised by the events of Wolf 359 three years earlier, Commander Sisko and his son Jake begrudgingly move to the station where they discover all is not as it may seem…

Be sure to catch my recap, review and screencaps over on the episode page now!

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