EDITORIAL: For $91 You Can Join A Party At Alec’s Place…

Axamonitor has today revealed the itinerary of the “convention within a convention” cleverly titled “Axacon” – and what a con it seems to be.

You’ll have to fork out at least close to $100, and travel a heck of a distance if you want to attend the Honour Harrington convention as well as the Axanar tidbit… but don’t worry, included in that price on the first day you get to tour the still-yet-to-be-completed but-it’s-not-in-the-film-anymore bridge set, and what I can only assume will be a stand up comedy act featuring Jonathan Lane and Keith M. Sedor as well as the two remaining Trek alumni – J.G. Hertzler and Gary Graham.

But the best part is the fact that you’ll have to make your way to Alec’s house (yes, his private residence) for the reception – I’m assuming you’ll have to pay for the alcohol and food (just like that volunteer weekend…) then you’re off to ANOTHER location, the Crowne Plaza hotel to “mingle” with the guests.

What follows over the next two days is a lot of time scheduled to talk about a fan production that never made it past the not-quite locked script that was thirty days away from filming before the big nasty CBS Corporate came and took all of the money away.  We’ll hear the shonky connection that Alec’s made up to tack onto this Honour Harrington convention and we’ll learn about the pew pew battles that were thoroughly researched apparently.

Then there’s the whole hours dedicated to fan fiction of the fan fiction, Star Trek moments (full of copyrighted material, I’m sure) and combat in the Axaverse (cause that’s a thing.)

Sadly Pacific 201, The Romulan War and First Frontier see nothing wrong in associating with the once-bankrupt business owner turned alleged fan film producer and will be screening previews for their upcoming fan films at this event.

Most of the events on the second and third days will be held at the Crowne Plaza which leads me to question just how much Alec is dropping on this whole PR exercise – and why that money can’t be spent on either a) sending donors their perks, or b) actually MAKING THE MOVIE.

Keep being you Alec. Thirty days out, indeed.

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