Sam Cockings Teases Upcoming Fan Films

In A Trekzone Conversation

The guru behind Once More With Feeling‘s visual effects, Mr. Sam Cockings, is today’s guest on A Trekzone Conversation – chatting about his upcoming fan films.

One project has been slow cooking for five years and recently garnered some headlines when CBS took issue with certain elements in the initial trailer – something that Sam explains was not a decision derived from nefarious intent.

While the other is a comparatively fast production featuring a Convergence of several fan films into one epic time travel adventure story. But Sam reassured me that the fan productions involved in his story aren’t just shoe-horned in for a cameo, they are integral to the story and his film even serves to retcon some of the established fan film canon!

It’s all packed into today’s edition of A Trekzone Conversation:

Jump over to the Convergence Facebook page for more information.

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