EDITORIAL: Why I Left The Daily Axanar Fight Behind

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It feels like a long time coming, but today it finally happened. I put myself out there in the Axamonitor Facebook group and was summarily shut down for holding a view not consistent with the group mentality.

Earlier this afternoon, I posted a question regarding the Axacon to the Facebook group to enquire as to why the group mentality was so focused on Ray Tesi’s Stage 9 Fan Appreciation Weekend, something James Cawley is vehemently opposed to and is actively working to shut down. Curiously though, Ray continues to post promos and sign guests on for the event while this Axamonitor group discusses how it’s in violation of the exclusive license James holds.

I mused that Alec is effectively doing the same thing with his Axacon convention, bringing guests to the soundstage and selling tickets to punters to come and tour what he has created – as half assed as it is. It’s not Star Trek and starship bridges aren’t unique to Trek are just a couple of the retorts I received. It seems that the Facebook group – which Carlos Pedraza has affirmed is a separate entity to his website – has moved on from their primary mission of keeping Alec honest and are now targeting fans who put a foot out of line.

And to me that’s jumping the shark, it’s a fundamental shift in direction that I no longer feel comfortable with. And since Trekzone is often linked with Axamonitor I felt the desire to set the record straight, because it has already begun to spiral out of control with insinuations and assertions about my position in all of this.

Star Trek fans can be quite oppressive with those who don’t share their views – from Discovery bashers to Axanar haters and certain entitled fans that think they’ve got the keys to the kingdom in their hot little hands.

It all stinks. I don’t think Axacon will be the flop everyone has written it off to be, I also think we’re going to see some clueless individuals hand over fistfuls of cash for Alec to supposedly produce Axanar.  Whether Alec fulfills his side of the bargain is dubious at best though.

This is not the end of Axanar coverage on Trekzone, but it is the end of my daily participation in the former Axanar hater’s club.

UPDATE, 12/10:

Barely 18 hours after I first posted this article, the attacks have begun. Claiming I have a thin skin, I’m easily provoked etc. It seems that, just like Alec, if you are not with them – then you are against them. Yes, this isn’t the first time I’ve butted heads with the group but it’s now time to say enough is enough. I can only be told who my friends are, what my beliefs should be or how I should think for so long.

What a sticky, ugly mess Star Trek fandom has become.

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  • Great article Matt. I’ve become tired of the fan bashing whether it’s Axanar, Discovery or whatever is the target of the week. I know there’s ban feeling over the whole Axanar story but maybe it’s time to just move on.

  • 2 people disagreed with you and tried to explain why they felt you were wrong. That’s it.

  • I’ve had a different experience with the Axamonitor FB group. I don’t produce an enormous number of comments (I’m not well informed about the legalities of copyright and the entertainment industry that many of the members are) but I’ve always been treated well there. I tend to read another fan film source that a majority of the Axamonitor group almost certainly considers to be a daft habit on my part (if they notice) and I praise Prelude on occasion (I really liked it) but nobody has laughed me out of court. Mr Pedraza’s research and the group’s commentary have shaped my view as to what went amiss with the Axanar film project (I was a donor back in the day). I suspect a plurality of fan film buffs agree with you that the chances of the 2 Axanar shows ever being produced are quite slender.

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