Stage 9’s Ray Tesi Opens Up About The fan Appreciation Weekend

In A Trekzone Conversation

Following my op ed about the whole schamozle that is Star Trek fandom at the moment – specifically relating to the Fan Appreciation Weekend held at the Stage 9 Studios in Kingsland, Georgia.

As we know, ownership of those sets was transferred from Star Trek: Continues’ Vic Mignogna to Ray Tesi. What has followed has been a systemic attack from James Cawley and others, whose complaints about flagrant disregard for the Original Series Set Tour license have seemingly fallen on deaf ears at CBS, while maintaining a chorus with many members of the Axamonitor Facebook group.

Ray has reassured those that are listening that he is talking with Star Trek’s owners and is working toward a mutually beneficial arrangement. What that is, we’ll have to wait and see…

* UPDATE: Ray asked me to reiterate that the Fan Appreciation Weekend was held with free admission.

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