Prelude to The Axanar Debate

In A Trekzone Conversation, Axanar

Following my departure from “active” Axanar fact check and personal posting (some might say “negative”), Fan Film Factor’s Jonathan Lane suggested we record a Trekzone Conversation with a difference… it wouldn’t just be me asking the questions, but Jonathan would chip in as well for his blog.

After a few weeks of planning, we met up through Skype on Friday and Saturday mornings, we spoke at length about Prelude to Axanar, the lawsuit, the fallout, and the two polar opposite camps that quite often try to one-up each other.

There has already been some murmuring among members of the “detractor” camp that I’ve been made aware of, some suggesting that there are other world issues going on right now, others insinuating that I’m an asshole (well, not totally…) And I wanted to get ahead of any rumours and speculation while post production continues and before it gets out of hand.

Firstly, to the point of other world issues – yes, indeed, there are bigger “fish to fry” out there, but Trekzone isn’t a political/world issues blog nor is it seeking to address global change. I run a STAR TREK FAN WEBSITE, remember that please. Secondly, those that continually disagree with me can take their opinions and keep them to themselves – I don’t need your validation.

Thirdly, there was no capitulation by Jonathan or myself to make this interview happen – we both expressed curiosity about each other’s viewpoints and decided that a no holds barred conversation for all to listen to was a good idea.

I stand by what I said, and I look forward to you listening to the three parts of the conversation.

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