Picard Is Back… In 2019

It’ll be twenty years exactly next year since we had two Trek TV shows on “the air” at the same time and now it seems the drought is about to be broken.

CBS’ new Chief Creative Officer David Nevins spoke to investors at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference early this morning, Australian time. He detailed the positivity felt towards Discovery and it’s place on CBS All Access, calling it a “brand-defining decision.”

But of most exciting note for Trekkies is this quote from him,

Star Trek: Discovery season 2, in January, is in a great place… There’s huge anticipation for ‘Picard’… that’ll be at the end of the year [2019], so there will be something [on the schedule] there.

Nevins did not spoke about Lower Decks, the animated series, coming soon … Trekcore hypothesises that that series could be on a longer pre-production schedule.

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