An Axanar Fan’s Perspective – Part One

In A Trekzone Conversation, Axanar

For a while now there’s been a fracture in Star Trek fan film circles… those that support Alec Peters’ Axanar and those that don’t.  Following my exit from active posting in those Facebook groups, Fan Film Factor’s Jonathan Lane reached out and suggested we have a lengthy discussion about our opposing views.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding this three part interview, many criticising the length, others diametrically opposed to Jonathan’s appearance on Trekzone, other’s curious about how this will all play out. Before we get started, I just wanted to say a few words… At no point do I capitulate and rollover on my view of Axanar. I maintain Alec did the wrong thing and should not be in the position now to make Axanar, but he is.

And, despite the glacial pace he is moving, he is moving… he now has a bridge set that we all said he wouldn’t have. The runtime of these episodes is there for anyone who would cry foul if I did any kind of editing. The “best of”, to be released on December 27, was my idea to truly represent a Trekzone Conversation episode length, coming in at about 25 minutes. So either hear the entire, majorly unedited conversation today, Tuesday and Thursday … or wait til 2 days after Christmas and get the highlights, the choice is yours.

Be aware though if you proceed you’ll need to invest 3 hours to fully appreciate the entire conversation and debate. But today’s installment is just a shave over 43 minutes long…

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  • The mutually agreed idea was for an open dialogue between Jonathan and myself, without getting bogged down in circular arguments like some people desire.

    This 3 hour, 3 part edition of A Trekzone Conversation serves as the ‘raw’ footage and is provided as a record of the discussion. The following episode, on December 27, will be the official Trekzone Conversation episode.

    I feel that it is incumbent on the listener to draw their own conclusions and fact check assertions made by both Jonathan and myself… it serves little purpose for me to attack every answer Jonathan makes… imagine how much longer that would’ve made this.

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