An Axanar Fan’s Perspective – Part Three

In A Trekzone Conversation, Axanar

Part three of the joint Fan Film Factor & A Trekzone Conversation podcast…

For a while now there’s been a fracture in Star Trek fan film circles… those that support Alec Peters’ Axanar and those that don’t.  Following my exit from active posting in those Facebook groups, Fan Film Factor’s Jonathan Lane reached out and suggested we have a lengthy discussion about our opposing views.

There have been a few comments around the place comparing the size of my blog entry to Jonathan’s – and I wanted to address that today… my blog stands as the episode you see below – Jonathan’s is about the words. I’m confident that you can derive my meaning from the video, rather than needing me to spell it out for you. Thank you to all who have watched, and to those that complained about the length – next week, I’ll have the best of edition at under 30 minutes!

Today’s installment is the final and it’s just over 57 minutes long!

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