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Fan Films Live Here

Trekzone is THE destination for the latest on Star Trek Fan Films Done Right.

Australia’s unofficial home of Star Trek has been podcasting for five years and eleven months and in that time has proven itself to be THE destination for the latest news on genuine Star Trek fan films, the ones where the producers and creative team just get stuck into making short films.

Fan films like Horizon, Continues, Needs of the Many, Dreadnought Dominion, The Fall of Starbase One, Chance Encounter, Starship Intrepid, The Holy Core and many, many more. Trekzone invites all fan film producers who are doing the right thing to talk about their love letter to Star Trek, often multiple times over the course of the production timeline. Recently, we’ve been getting requests for folks to come on the show which is a fantastic validation of what we’re achieving.

Last year a series was born out of the sheer volume of Fan Films Done Right – you can find them all in a handy playlist over on YouTube in fact – and finds itself regularly reoccurring on A Trekzone Conversation. Most recently, the month of March saw interviews with several producers doing amazing work including Sam Cockings, Nick Cook, Gary O’Brien and Gary Davis.

Trekzone values and supports the work of fan film makers around the world and will continue to feature Fan Films Done Right without long winded hyperbole and desperate attempts at validation. To that end, you won’t need to donate to see Trekzone’s next fan film actually happen because, unlike many out there seeking $20k plus, I’m not interested in holding folks interested in fan films to ransom, demanding that they pay for my hobby or my passion… I do it because I love it, and that is all the reasoning I need.

Also, don’t forget to be on the look out for this Friday’s huge live stream – Trekzone is hosting the world premiere of Gary Davis’ Redemption at Red Medusa at 7pm US ET. And if you feel inclined – become a member and get real, tangible benefits on Patreon. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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