Saturday, June 15 2024 17:21 AEST

Jeri Ryan Talks Star Trek: Picard

In an official video, Jeri Ryan talks about returning to Star Trek.

In an official CBS video shot at SDCC and released this week, the returning Trek veterans talked about Star Trek: Picard and what they missed from their time with Trek. In it, Jeri Ryan talks about her initial reluctance to return to the role, noting that:

Seven’s struggle was fun for me, and I miss sharing that with her.

Subsequent to SDCC, Ryan has confirmed she will appear in more than one episode of Picard and with the recent revelation that Ryan’s Voyager co-star is in early talks to appear in a possible second season, there may be more connections between Picard and Voyager.

This isn’t the first time that Jeri has been offered the chance to reprise Seven – she turned down a role in 2002’s Nemesis, previously saying that she didn’t think there was a good enough reason for Seven to be there.

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