Wednesday, June 26 2024 00:56 AEST

Star Trek: Picard Filming at Universal Studios?

Trekzone may have stumbled upon the filming location for Star Trek: Picard...


Trekzone has received some images taken at Vasquez Rocks in early May from reader Luke Wilson. Once again the location with the title Royal Flush.

Following our live coverage at last week’s STLV, the Trekzone holiday has rolled round to Los Angeles and the Universal backlot where we might’ve stumbled upon confirming Jeri Ryan’s slip up at the Picard panel on Friday.

Jonathan Frakes wore a “don’t ask me, I’ve got an NDA” shirt and was joined on stage for an hour long discussion on the forthcoming Star Trek series by guest stars Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Del Arco. At one point during the panel, Ryan was talking about the clandestine operations to keep her role in the series a surprise… including being “smuggled” from her trailer to the set – which is also shrouded in secrecy.

As Trekzone live tweeted at the time, Ryan also let slip that they were filming at Universal Studios, which prompted a stern response from Frakes who pointed at his shirt. Nevertheless, she continued – explaining that they were filming “right behind the trolley tour.”

Today, as part of the holiday aspect of our US trip – Trekzone took the backlot tour of Universal Studios and stumbled upon a hot set labelled “Royal Flush” – which, when googled, reveals a Reddit thread describing filming around the Picard family Vineyard in Santa Ynez north of Los Angeles from 3 months ago.

Now, obviously, CBS won’t confirm any of this – but what other current production is filming in a scrub-like environment with a giant blue screen?

I guess we’ll find out next year…

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