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Vegas Day Four

Not much action to report on today at STLV, fans were given time with Bill Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and more... with the main attraction being the Star Trek: Picard panel...

Not much action to report on today at STLV, fans were given time with Bill Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and the Doctors of Star Trek, as well as behind the scenes panels on The Motion Picture (celebrating 40 years!) and Trials and Tribble-ations including starting the day with a screening of that 30th anniversary DS9 episode.

The day wrapped up the much anticipated Star Trek: Picard panel – which saw Jonathan Frakes (wearing a “Don’t ask me, I signed an NDA” shirt) Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Del Arco discuss some of the details of the forthcoming show.

Jeri might’ve let some details slip by recounting the story of her hiding from public view while filming at the Universal Studios lot, right next to the trolley tour. All three commented on having to take a bit of time to compose themselves to return to the characters they created so many years ago.

Frakes is especially focused on his performance, having shifted to directing and feeling like he’s the third best actor in his family! He’s been spending a lot of time rehearsing lines at home. He’s confirmed that he has another shoot next week on the show, after completing one scene last week with Sir Patrick Stewart.

The trio were tight lipped on the length of their appearances, with Del Arco answering the fan’s question with a simple statement:

Size is Irrelevant

John Billingsley, clearly stalking the panel from the wings (after his Doctor’s panel) managed to bribe a fan to ask whether a Denobulan would be in the show… with Jonathan again referring to his shirt.

Jonathan Frakes did speak on the mood of Star Trek fandom at present, saying it’s very similar to when The Next Generation started – you can’t replace The Original Series, but in time people grew to accept and love the show – and in time people will too about the JJ-films and the new Kurtzman shows.

That’s about the best of it on day 4. Tomorrow, we’ll be wrapping this whole thing up.

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