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October 5, 2019

“It’s 150 Degrees Outside” – Trouble on the Set of Axanar’s First Filming Day

Many folks doubted whether he’d make it to this point, some questioned whether he ever actually would, but Alec Peters has wrangled a cast and crew together for the first of three shoots for the Axanar short films permitted under his settlement with CBS and Paramount almost three years ago.

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Talkin’ Star Trek: Discovery

Lee Sargent’s back! We last caught up with him before Vegas or Bust, as we powered through the Berman-era Trek series. Today, we’re tackling Discovery – and Lee’s not afraid to speak his mind on this often polarising series… but, it’s all about engaging in the conversation and challenging one’s preconceptions of the show

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Kanyini Completes Critical Testing

South Australian satellite, Kanyini, has achieved another key milestone with the successful completion of its Environmental Stress Screening ahead of the satellite’s mid-2024 launch.

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