Saturday, June 15 2024 18:22 AEST

The Orville is Coming to Trekzone!

Because it's kinda like Star Trek, and there's a tonne of Trek vets on the show - The Orville is coming to Trekzone!

In the past couple of weeks, A Trekzone Conversation has (finally) branched out into talking about other SciFi shows with Stargate and Dark Matter’s Joseph Mallozzi and (coming up today) The Orville’s Tom Costantino and they’ve done some great numbers in our ratings.

So, it’s with absolute pleasure to announce that Trekzone will be following the lead of Trekmovie and expanding our database offering to include the Seth MacFarlane created show.

This means that over the coming weeks the first two seasons will be added to the Trekzone database in full – including screencaps, synopses and reviews (from Aussie editor Matt Miller.)  In fact, Old Wounds – the pilot – is ready to go… We’ll also be featuring the show on the podcast more often. Plus, coming up later today we’ve got our first post detailing the Australian broadcast of the show as we gear up for season three!

Jump over to the home of The Orville on Trekzone, right now! Or, if you haven’t seen it – catch our chat with Pixomondo, the effects house that produced the VFX for the show.

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