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Three days into the new year and it’s already time for a new Trekzone Conversation!

I’m getting the jump on 2018’s season premiere (which started on January 21) by almost three weeks with some exciting plans laid ahead. This month alone Gary O’Brien will give an update on The Holy Core and Larry Nemecek will preview season two of Discovery… but today it’s all about out-of-this-world science, namely the Chinese Chang’e 4 probe that’s about to land on the far side of the moon – a first for humanity, and the US probe New Horizons which made history a few years back when it flew past Pluto.

Back then, following the success of the mission, the folks at the Johns Hopkins Applied Science Laboratory realised they could entertain a stretch goal of continuing the probe’s life by finding something in the Kuiper Belt – the very boundary of our solar system. Ultima Thule was discovered and the probe set a course. Flash forward to January 2 2019 and confirmation was received that over a gigabyte of images and data has been collected.

Dr. Brad Tucker is here to explain it all…

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