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I’ve been planning the 2019 season of A Trekzone Conversation for a few days now, and one thing has become clear… I’m planning well enough in advance to be able to offer membership opportunities again.

At the moment, I’m offering two tiers – a $1/month and a $5/month.  Each will give you early access to new episodes of the podcast, with $1/month giving you a 48 hour lead on the public release and $5/month affording you up to 7 days advance viewing.

The big caveat though is that some episodes aren’t produced a week in advance, to ensure that the freshest content is talked about – next week’s episode is a prime example, Gary O’Brien will be joining me for a record on Tuesday morning ahead of the Thursday release. However, I have a great edit workflow in place now to be able to get these new format bite-size episodes uploading within 2 hours… they then sit in private waiting for release on Thursday morning.

As a Trekzone Patron you’ll be the first to know when new episodes are scheduled, recorded and available. Then, depending on which tier you are a member of, you will receive a link to read the Trekzone article.

So please consider becoming a member of Trekzone, over on Patreon now.


Thanking you.

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