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It’s a platform for creative types to get paid doing what they love, some seek it out to become self-funded YouTubers, others – including Trekzone – use it as a way of offsetting the ever increasing cost of producing content that stands out from the crowd.

And today, we’re eleven days on from Trekzone’s Patreon campaign reopening and it’s been slow going… but that’s ok, because I have long term goals in mind and I want to continue focusing on what I do best – making podcasts and uploading them to YouTube.  My following may be small and stronger with their thumbs up (and down than with comments) … but I know people are watching my show and I think that’s swell, I continue to do what I do because I enjoy it.

If you can help, with anything from a dollar a month I’d be mighty grateful – and while you may think it’s not worth it… all I need is 50 people giving $1 per month to cover the cost of hosting the website and the ever increasing Adobe license. 100 people would set me up to start saving for airfares to further locations to get on location and bring you the best convention coverage FROM the convention! And up it goes… your membership dues will never go to my profit column, they will always be reinvested in Trekzone, so please jump over and become a Patron, it’s fast and simple to sign up and the recurring money comes out of your PayPal each month.

Signing up for a regular membership today gives you early access to my preview of Discovery’s second season with Larry Nemecek, which goes public on Thursday. (If you become a premium member, you’ll get an average of 7 days advance viewing!)

Become a Patron and support Australia’s first Star Trek fan site!

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