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Some exciting developments here on Australia’s first Star Trek fan site this week…

The new look that Burger Digital has been working hard to create for me over the last couple of months is finally live. The LCARS elbow is back, the colour is back… and some much needed tweaks to various back-of-house things have finally been taken care of. Have a look around, this is the new Trekzone!

Nathan at Burger Digital also created an episodes database for me, but he let me to port the 749 episodes and 13 movies across all of Star Trek (fair enough too, that’s a lot of copying and pasting!)  After doing The Animated Adventures by hand, I discovered the power of plugins and have been working hard to build CSV files of all the episodes. Synopses and reviews for TOS, TAS, DS9, ENT and DIS are here (but not ready yet), screencaps will be available for some episodes, however now that I’m no longer bound by the Trekzone Media Viewer, I’ll be reuploading EVERY screencap over the next month or so (and manually adjusting things that the bulk import broke…)

TNG’s list has been created, and I’m working on Voyager’s tomorrow – however I’m waiting for my hosting provider to move the entire Trekzone folder to a shiny new server which will hopefully help boost performance, but also give me more modern controls in the back end.

Which brings me to moving servers. I found out that some of the more modern features aren’t compatible with where I’m sitting at the moment.. to move over is a drawn out process being carried out by tech support. They told me 72 hours on Friday, but yesterday claimed they need up to 7 days… well that’s put a spanner in the works and I’ll have to go do some stuff in the real world (and things like creating episode lists and reimaging the screencaps) while I wait.


Thanks for coming to Trekzone, please keep an eye out for more updates… but while you wait why not subscribe, follow and like Trekzone, and consider supporting the site on Patreon or PayPal.

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