Axanar Confidential Confuses The Situation

Technical issues hampered the premiere edition of Axanar Confidential hosted by Alec Peters, a live YouTube show for fans of the beleaguered production.

Technical issues hampered the premiere edition of Axanar Confidential hosted by Alec Peters, a live YouTube show for fans of the beleaguered production.

336 people initially tuned into the broadcast, which quickly fell as Peters worked resolving the gremlins – after a two minute start with fuzzy vision and no audio, he got underway. Alec played a clip of a starship flyby in Prelude To Axanar featuring sound design from Mark Edward Lewis, whose involvement with the project is still unclear.

Peters did remind viewers that the Patreon campaign for Ares Studios cannot be used for Axanar, as he is procluded from doing so under the terms of the – now 2 year old – settlement with CBS and Paramount. He urged people to be subscribed to the mailing list to receive direct solicitation for money, something he has been granted.

Alec claims the Axanar YouTube channel is raking in $600 a month – presumably from ad revenue, add that to the ~$700 Patreon supporters are supplying, and he’s only about 33% towards his $4,000 / month goal to keep the lights on at his Atlanta warehouse. Peters also claimed that he’s been paying the rent for the past six months… however last week, he said it was only 4 months. Interestingly, in September he claimed that “OWC is still sponsoring the studio … and they’re still very happy with what we’re doing.” One week later, they were gone – which Alec claimed was the expiration of the deal, something that OWC never mentioned in their announcement of the naming rights in 2017.

Indulging in his fantasies, Peters commented that an appearance by Garth on FOX’s The Orville would be great, and if CBS had’ve bought Axanar from him it would’ve done far better than Discovery.

Alec Peters opened the floor to questions from the audience, some paying handsomely to get comments highlighted and read out. Others, asking the questions of accountability, were removed and called out by Peters “You’re gone! Because you’re an idiot.”

“You’re gone! Because you’re an idiot.”

Responding to a viewer question, Alec claimed to have squashed the 90 minute script into 30 minutes “a year and a half ago” – whether this is the 2x 15 minute mockumentary styles that they’re doing now is unclear. Alec struggled with basic abbreviations and no end of trouble understanding references to other YouTube shows that have supported – and continue to support – him and Axanar. Peters rambled incoherently at many points, often losing his train of thought and failing to complete his thoughts before moving on.

At one point in the live chat, Alec also alluded to Axanar shirts, full of Star Trek IP, presumably to version 3.0 of the Donor Store. He also deflected all questions regarding the discrepancies between what he is saying live and unfiltered and what he’s posting to Patreon.

Confirmation that Joanthan Lane has a conflict of interest in Axanar came when he logged back in to the chat as a moderator. This in addition to the non disclosure agreement it’s surmised he signed and why he is procluded from saying anything about Rob Burnett’s releases – despite them being positive articles about the infamous fan production.

Alec mentioned, off the cuff, that they should’ve been making video content for the past two years – something that the “detractors” have been calling for since Alec settled the lawsuit. He also confirmed very quietly that Kate Vernon is not currently signed to the production, despite Lane’s recent assertion.

All up, Alec raised in excess of $200 in super chats for the almost two hour stream that consisted of incoherent ramblings, insults for CBS, Paramount, Vic Mignogna and James Cawley as well as calling out folks for asking serious questions – as has become par for the course with Alec Peters and Axanar.

Go out and be nice to people.

Indeed Alec, indeed.

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