What Could’ve Been… The Axanar Only Alec Didn’t Want

In A Trekzone Conversation, Axanar

Sometimes in life we become so involved in calling out the lies of others that it becomes a habit, the desire to set the record straight so strong, that you can’t help but remain locked in it’s gravitational orbit. And so it is for me with Alec Peters and Axanar.

I had the infamous self-titled producer on The Trekzone Spotlight way back in April 2016, just mere months into his year-long legal fight with CBS where, when I turned to questions of accountability, things deteriorated rapidly – calling his PR rep, at the time, Mike Bawden mid-interview while recording. Bawden, Pedraza and I followed that up with a breakdown of his tantrum in an hour long conversation a few weeks later.

Prelude to Axanar’s director, Christian Gossett, left the production and spoke with me about his motivations at the time before joining me again when the lawsuit was settled. Now he’s back again to hypothesize about what could’ve been if Alec hadn’t have made the studio the endgame. Gossett also responds to the personal attacks leveled at him by Axanar spokesperson Jonathan Lane, and even Alec, in a recent livestream on today’s Trekzone Conversation.

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