All Shook Up : Adjusted Perks for Trekzone Members

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After finding my feet for a little while with my Patreon campaign, I’ve settled on the perks I’m offering.


Trekzone members will receive early access to all podcasts at up to 7 days in advance of their public release. Sometimes, I won’t be recording until a few days before but I will always endeavour to still provide an early screener for members.

Membership Plus

Get all the perks of being a member, plus get access to my planning grid for the forthcoming month.

Membership Ultra

Get Member and Member Plus perks, plus a backers credit on Trekzone fan films and my personal thanks!

Plus, you can ask me anything through Messages and I’ll respond ASAP.


While Trekzone will always be free to view and my podcasts free to watch, I’ve decided that Patreon is a great platform for me to get some support in building Trekzone’s quality to the level it could be if I had some more money rolling through the door. Please, sign up now – I promise I’ll actually deliver what I promise.

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