UPDATED: Destroying Alec’s Narrative

Yesterday, Alec replied to Christian's Friday interview on Trekzone. Today, Christian replies to Alec.

Updated below.

Last week, Prelude to Axanar director and co-writer Christian Gossett swung past the Trekzone mic to respond to claims from self-titled producer Alec and sycophant Jonathan Lane during their Axanar Confidential live stream.

You can catch that episode here.

Responding to the interview in a new Facebook group, The Actual Truth About Axanar and Axamonitor, Alec retorted:

Christian? The guy who forgot to give Richard Hatch his new lines until AFTER we started shooting him?
The guy who took $5, 000 of donor money and then couldn’t revise the script in TEN months?
The guy who wants to be a director but couldn’t even find the time to be in the edit room?
The guy who destroyed Ramirez’s $3, 500 costume?
Whose best buddy turned the dolly upside down costing donors $2, 500 in damaged equipment?

I put that post to Christian who replied simply:

Every one of these points he is making is a lie. My proof is that Prelude exists. He can lie all he wants, but does Prelude exist? Yes. That’s because I know what the hell I am doing. Does Axanar exist? No. Because Alec doesn’t know his ass from the whip he uses on his sex slaves.

Alec Peters has nothing but lies to offer his supporters. He can’t offer them a script, because he cannot write. He can’t offer them a movie, because he cannot produce.

He can only keep talking about how he should keep receiving money from people and give them nothing but angry false victim stories in return.

There doesn’t seem to be much else to add…

Except adding DoP Milton Santiago’s two year old comments on the dolly incident,

Upon return the dolly was placed on a truck with other items that were used for production such as tables and chairs. Apparently on transport one of the tables made contact with one of the dollies control points engaging the pneumatic arm. The pneumatic arm being as strong as it is, bent several of the attachments / accesories (sic.) that work with the (Panther) Classic.

My dolly grip made the mistake of not double checking that both control terminals were disengaged.

So, nothing to do with Christian. Next, I asked him about the costume damage,

Here’s the hilarious part about that story: it never should have cost that much to make that tunic! He’s owning himself when he admits that because we spent so much in it because he put himself in charge of making the costumes and was always so late in dealing with Rocio (who will back me up on this) that he paid major rush fees. Yes, my dry cleaner messed up the tunic but we were still able to use it on camera in the pickups.

Once again, Alec’s lies have been called out and he is left with nothing more than fallacies and falsehoods that he’s created in his own mind to justify the lack of any progress on his fan film. It’s been two years now since the lawsuit was settled, it’s been two years since Alec could’ve just knuckled down and got the job done… but all of this information goes to prove what Christian said in last week’s podcast – Alec was more hindrance than help and Prelude to Axanar was made in spite of him, not because of.

Alec – prove us all wrong … make Axanar.

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