LIVE EVENT: The Complete Axanar Saga

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With the ability to go live now in Trekzone’s arsenal, I’ve decided to use this scheduled “down time” to bring you some event podcasts. Firstly, the entire Axanar story as told from this podcast’s perspective. Every twist, every turn, every second of Axanar coverage produced for Trekzone podcasts.

From my explosive interview with Alec Peters, to the defense mounted by now-former PR man Mike Bawden to Axamonitor’s Carlos Pedraza’s visits to update us, plus Prelude to Axanar director Christian Gossett with the facts, as he saw them first hand. Plus, Trek alumni Tony Todd shares his thoughts on Alec’s role in the fan film.

Catch the live event right here, from 8.30am Friday, May 31 AEST. (10.30pm GMT Thursday)

Podcast start times (in Australian Eastern Standard Time, GMT+10):
Stream + 1 minutes (08.39) – Alec Peters (April 2016)
Stream + 34 minutes (09.12) – Axanar Part 2: Mike Bawden and Carlos Pedraza
Stream + 1 hour 45 minutes (10.23) – Christian Gossett’s first visit (July 2016)
Stream + 2 hours 16 minutes (10.54) – Christian’s second visit (January 2017)
Stream + 2 hours 45 minutes (11.23) – Carlos updates the Axanar saga in September 2017
Stream + 3 hours 16 minutes (11.54) – Carlos updates the Axanar saga in March 2018
Stream + 3 hours 55 minutes (12.32) – Carlos joins me once again, two years on from the Alec Peters interview
Stream + 4 hours 4 minutes (13.20) – Carlos provides his fourth update on Axanar, on January 31 2019
Stream + 4 hours 59 minutes (13.37) – Part two of The State of Axanar, first broadcast on February 1 2019
Stream + 5 hours 14 minutes (13.52) – Christian Gossett returns to Trekzone, to respond to a vile spray from Alec during one of his live streams (Feb 22 2019)
Stream + 5 hours 50 minutes (14.28) – One of Prelude’s leading actors, Tony Todd, joins Trekzone to discuss his career and that fan film. (April 26 2019)


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