What We Left Behind – Chapter VI in Trekzone’s Talkin’ Trek

In A Trekzone Conversation

We’re just twenty four days from the beginning of Trekzone’s Vegas or Bust tour – which means it’s an incredibly busy time at Australia’s unofficial home of Star Trek. To help meet the weekly Friday deadline of A Trekzone Conversation, Lee Sargent has jumped aboard to once again co-host Talkin’ Trek as we power through chapters VI, VII and VIII. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be bringing you three part chapters covering the prime Berman-era Trek production in DS9, Voyager and Enterprise.

Starting on Saturday with Deep Space Nine, Lee and I discuss the different aspects of the fandom the show appealed to and where it ended up taking us.

You can get early access to the uncut edition of that chat right now over on Patreon – by becoming a member for as little as $1 /month!

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