One Year On… Once More With Feeling

One year ago today, Trekzone's second live action Star Trek fan film was released!

I couldn’t believe it when YouTube reminded me that it’s been three hundred and sixty five days since Trekzone’s second live action fan film was released to the world – on the 85th anniversary of the keel being laid on the ship’s namesake, the HMAS Sydney II.

The story was one I am proud to have told, one that – in the real world – involved the loss of all 645 men aboard ship, and a further 81 from the HSK Kormoran. It was a controversial battle for many decades, one that was finally laid to rest when a team of researchers found the wreck off the Western Australian coast in 2008. I was privileged to have received the support of Commodore Bob Trotter (RAN, Ret’d) to write a screenplay as accurate to history as it was to Star Trek.

If you haven’t seen the short, catch it right now:

A huge thanks to the entire cast and crew who helped make this a reality – and there will be more fan films to come from Australia’s unofficial home of Star Trek!

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