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Another part of that epic Star Trek Universe panel that just took place included details on the upcoming animated Trek from Rick and Morty creator Mike McMahon.

The first season will be ten half hour episodes premiering in 2020. It’ll focus on the support crew on board one of the least important ships in Starfleet, the U.S.S. Cerritos taking place after Nemesis.

Alex Kurtzman said he was approached with the original pitch: “I want to do a show about people that bring the yellow cartridge to the replicator so a banana comes out.”

Still no word on international broadcast details, we know that All Access will have it – but will Netflix or Amazon pick up the mantle for the majority of humanity who don’t live in the States?

Artwork wise, it’s pretty bang on for what was expected, given the Rick and Morty influence. The humour will be a little toned down from that series though. McMahan revealed that he’s a fan of the B-stories in Trek and Lower Decks will be doing them as the A-stories.

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