Two Massive Weeks – One Final Countdown

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It’s been a crazy adventure getting to three days to go and it’s not over yet – by the time our crew is sipping jippers on a beach somewhere on Saturday, three massive Trek production news stories will have broken, six podcasts from Australia’s unofficial home of Star Trek will have been released and the first international flights for this website’s crew will have been flown.

Last week, Brad and I talked a lot about the moon – the partial eclipse, India’s delayed mission and the celebrations of Apollo 11. Catch up on that ep right here. On Friday Lee Sargent and I wrapped up our July dive into Berman-era Trek with Enterprise. You can catch that, Deep Space Nine and Voyager right now too. And yesterday, Brad and I were joined by Glen Nagle from the Canberra Deep Space Tracking Station in Tidbinbilla, Canberra for a discussion about Apollo 11, the role Aussie scientists played and what the future holds with Artemis building to the moon by 2024.

In San Diego over the weekend, we learnt that Seven of Nine, Data (or B4…) and Hugh the liberated Borg drone are all returning in the Star Trek: Picard series, we got a swag of info about the animated series Lower Decks from Rick & Morty creator Mike McMahon – it’s got a distinct Rick & Morty vibe about it, but I like it! Then, just because that wasn’t enough we got a trailer for the next season of Short Treks – and THAT’s how they’re working Pike, Spock and Number One back into the franchise.

That was lask week, now for this week… Talkin’ Science continues tomorrow, and throughout the Vegas tour, with Dr. Brad Tucker. On Thursday, our crew flies out of Australia – catch the latest travel photos on Trekzone’s Instagram. On Friday, Dr. Trek – Larry Nemecek – will be stopping by to dissect the SDCC news and preview STLV… and then on Saturday, it’s the big one – LIVE FROM WAIKIKI, Trekzone will premiere Aaron Vanderkley’s Star Trek fan film swansong Line of Duty.

And we haven’t even gotten to Vegas yet…


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