Nick Trek Gets A Writing Staff

The world was introduced to the writing staff for the as-yet untitled but code named Nick Trek cartoon series on Tuesday.

It’s a thrilling time in the Star Trek universe as we continue to be enveloped with fabulous news in the expanding franchise. On Tuesday, the writing staff for the as-yet unnamed but codenamed Nick Trek were announced.

The untitled CG Star Trek cartoon targeted for younger audiences was announced back in April, is being developed by the Emmy-winning duo of Dan and Kevin Hageman with the team a mix of animation and live-action seasoned vets, along with some younger writers and newcomers to Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, many on the team worked with the Hageman brothers on Trollhunters and other projects. Some on the team are Star Trek fans as well.

Trekzone welcomes Aaron Waltke, Chad Quandt, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Erin McNamara and Lisa Shoop Boyd to the Star Trek family.

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