Jeri Ryan Talks Star Trek: Picard

In Star Trek: Picard

In an official CBS video shot at SDCC and released this week, the returning Trek veterans talked about Star Trek: Picard and what they missed from their time with Trek. In it, Jeri Ryan talks about her initial reluctance to return to the role, noting that:

Seven’s struggle was fun for me, and I miss sharing that with her.

Subsequent to SDCC, Ryan has confirmed she will appear in more than one episode of Picard and with the recent revelation that Ryan’s Voyager co-star is in early talks to appear in a possible second season, there may be more connections between Picard and Voyager.

This isn’t the first time that Jeri has been offered the chance to reprise Seven – she turned down a role in 2002’s Nemesis, previously saying that she didn’t think there was a good enough reason for Seven to be there.

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