Two Sides: The Star Trek Rumour Mill – Making Headlines with Midnight’s Edge

Today, in a Trekzone first, we’re premiering two new podcasts at the same time with a special format that’s been circulating around the office for a while – Two Sides… where we moderate two interviews from opposite sides of a discussion. We were successful in what was the very first installment – way back in 2016 with Axanar’s Alec Peters (which was followed a few weeks later by a response to his claims.) – and now we’re looking to do more in the future.

For our 198th and 199th podcasts, fellow YouTuber’s Midnight’s Edge and Ketwolski join Matt in discussing the Star Trek Rumour Mill – a place where it’s typically more important to be first with the headlines to get the views and ad revenue than it is to be correct. While Midnight’s Edge is less extreme than other channels, they still rely on unnamed sources to perpetuate what more often than not turns out to be half truths or incorrect information.

Still they are hugely popular, so I thought I’d find out more about their work…

Catch the other side of the discussion here.

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