Aron Eisenberg Dies Aged 50

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Aron Eisenberg, the tough Ferengi kid Nog, has died aged 50 following a sudden medical incident which saw him rushed to hospital yesterday morning (Australian time.) While details are not known, it seems that his 2015 kidney transplant (30 years after his first transplant) was not a factor in his passing.

His wife Malissa Longo posted on Facebook;

He was an intelligent, humble, funny, emphatic soul. He sought to live his life with integrity and truth.

Five years felt like a lifetime, in the best possible ways.
There will never be another light like Aron’s. The beauty that he was and the legacy he leaves behind is beyond words. I love him dearly and will miss him eternally.

The late Cecily Adams’ – aka Nog’s Grandmother Ishka – husband Jim Beaver shared his loss on Facebook;

I include him among the most extraordinarily sweet and engaging people I have ever met.

Fans around the world have joined in the chorus of sympathies growing for the actor who burst on to the Star Trek stage in the DS9 pilot Emissary and went on to become such an integral part of the supporting and recurring cast. Episodes like Heart of Stone, Little Green Men, The Magnificent Ferengi, Treachery, Faith and the Great River and It’s Only A Paper Moon all come immediately to mind as great Nog moments.

Aron will be greatly missed, but never forgotten, from the Star Trek family.

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