“It’s 150 Degrees Outside” – Trouble on the Set of Axanar’s First Filming Day

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Many folks doubted whether he’d make it to this point, some questioned whether he ever actually would, but Alec Peters has wrangled a cast and crew together for the first of three shoots for the Axanar short films permitted under his settlement with CBS and Paramount almost three years ago.

But, all doesn’t seem to be going according to plan, with a bridge set that’s less than the original vision planned by Dean Newberry or Milton Santiago and the floor seems to be in desperate need of a vacuum. Consoles don’t appear to be backlit, additionally, the uniforms are different, they don’t seem to match and are seemingly not of the professional standard Alec had asserted they would be, from the Italian designer.

By far the biggest issue seems to be the weather. J.G. Hertzler – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s General Martok – was captured on the Axanar live stream complaining about being told off for knocking on the sound stage doors to be let in for water and ice. In the audio available on the YouTube stream at 1:16:35, and below, Hertzler requests people not yell at him for not wanting to stand in 150 degree heat. Saying that filming can stop and start again.

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  • Is ANYONE actually surprised that this is a sh*t show?

  • Talk about making something outta nothing… The poor guy didn’t realize that the two doors to the soundstage were locked and that there was an open door down the way. One of the ever vigilant volunteers shushed him at the request of security not knowing who it was. Everything was absolutely fine in the end, and the volunteer waa rather embarrassed. To call this a shitshow rather than a perfect example of the normal rigors of filmmaking is simply bluster on your part. If you want to call anything I shit show, look to Atlanta’s weather….

    • Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. Considering they weren’t in a green room, I’m curious why the cast were left outside without a minder to be able to facilitate their access.

      You say that one of the ‘ever vigilant volunteers’ shushed him at the request of security… meaning that these people did not know that members of the cast were outside – or they did know, and it’s ok to tell overheating members of the cast to be quiet and dont come inside.

      I stand by this post given its supported by an audio recording of JG’s actual concerns.

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