EXCLUSIVE: SBS Confirms Australian Broadcast of Season Three

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Australia’s broadcaster of the Seth MacFarlane created show has confirmed to Trekzone that it will be broadcasting the third season of The Orville in the second half of 2020.

Confirmation of table reads getting underway came from the official Instagram page a few days ago, which means filming for the first episodes is expected in the coming week. From there, Hulu will undoubtedly make a decision on it’s broadcast timeline which will enable SBS to formulate possible broadcast dates for viewers in Australia.

The multicultural national broadcaster picked up the series eleven months after the first season began in the US and catered for Australian fans by releasing the first twelve episodes immediately on it’s catch up service SBS On Demand. They also aired one episode per week on Monday nights before moving into season two on Friday nights, in line with the FOX broadcasts. We’ve got those broadcast dates in each of the episodes which you can catch right now, as we work through and add our reviews and screencaps.

If you’re in Australia and haven’t caught the series yet, jump over to SBS On Demand and get binging! And catch The Orville on Trekzone right now.

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