Saturday, June 15 2024 18:19 AEST

Taking A Stand

Trekzone has joined many of it's fellow Star Trek fan websites and podcasts by donating $47.

Trekzone has joined many of it’s fellow Star Trek fan websites and podcasts by donating $47.

While America is currently the focus for a large amount of the civil unrest at the moment, it is appropriate for this Australian website to acknowledge the indifference shown to this nations First Peoples – they have been brutally oppressed since the British fleet sailed into Botany Bay in 1788 and continue to suffer in many of the same ways as minority populations in the United States.

We’re encouraging you to join with us in donating the Star Trek famous “47” to the National Justice Project, an organisation advancing human rights by representing and giving voice to the vulnerable who would otherwise be unable to find legal representation.

On Monday, The Trek Geeks Bill Smith and Dan Davidson will join Matt for a special edition of A Trekzone Conversation discussing the ongoing crisis with a plug for their YouTube & Facebook livestream next week, where they’ll be raising money for Feeding America in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that has decimated so many lives around the world, in particular the US.

We’re taking a stand with our fellow fans and podcasters in this pledge and hope you’ll join with us if you can.


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