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As all of the calendars tick over to the third decade of this millennium, we here at Trekzone are taking stock of not just a massive year but also the end to the pretty awesome twenty tens.

We also managed to upload (then reupload!) all of the episodes (still working on the movies) to our database… that includes screencaps, reviews and synopses for all 750+ episodes in the Star Trek catalogue, and we’re very pleased to say that we’re the only site on-line where you’ll find that ad-free.

Also this decade we started podcasting and have been graced by the appearance of some pretty big names, including Richard Dean Anderson, Jeffrey Combs, Torri Higginson, Dolph Lundgren, Anson Mount, Jason Isaacs, John de Lancie, Garrett Wang, Joseph Mallozzi and Tom Costantino and so many more. We’ve covered off scientific topics like gravitational waves, quantum computing and learnt about exoplanets, tatooines and the early formation of solar systems and two time guest interviewee Dr Brad Tucker joined Trekzone in April 2019 to bring us a weekly update on the latest science and space news with some fun banter and puns along the way.

In 2020, A Trekzone Conversation grows just a little bigger and while many guests will still phone in and we’ll bring you their waveform, video recording is coming back! The aim is to enhance our YouTube production to encourage more engagement over there, while the audio podcast will continue to be distributed via Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher and all those other great platforms.

Now, lets talk numbers.

1, 402, 800

That’s how many eyeballs Trekzone’s on-line presence reached this year. Considering we’re a one-man band with some help from a few folks, with no advertising budget except word-of-mouth and that we’re continuing to be a fan site… that’s a pretty awesome figure. And the best part is, we didn’t start taking a count on the website until September.

Lets aim for 2.5 million this year!

Here’s the breakdown:

Total Organic Post Reach – 213, 342
Average Monthly Organic Reach – 17, 779
# of New Followers in 2019 – 450
Average Annual “Page Like” Growth – 171%

Total Organic Post Reach – 840, 700
Average Monthly Organic Reach – 70, 058
# of New Followers in 2019 – 28

Total Organic Reach – 341, 084
Average Monthly Organic Reach – 28, 424
Total Watch Minutes – 2, 431
# of New Subscribers in 2019 – 300

WEBSITE (From Sept 1)
Total Page Views – 13, 805
Total Unique Visitors – 7, 674

We’re back on deck with new podcasts and new content here on Trekzone from January 7. Be sure to like, follow, follow and subscribe to never miss a moment… and if you listen to podcasts, search for us on your favourite app and give us a follow and leave a review!

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