TESS Finds A Tatooine, Venus’ Days in Flux & More Talkin’ Science

Welcome to another week of Talkin’ Science here at Trekzone. Dr Brad Tucker and Matt are discussing a bit today in this bumper show.


As the bushfires continue to burn across much of New South Wales, Australia’s Capital Territory has been enduring a constant barrage of smoke – with air quality currently at hazardous levels. The Australian National University where Dr. Tucker works has only just reopened fully and is offering support to it’s staff and students who were affected by the extended Christmas / New Year shutdown. The bushfires continue to dominate Talkin’ Science this year, and today we look at the impacts.


That smoke is forecast to cross the globe and as it moves off shore from South America NASA is expecting it to return to Australia. Meanwhile, in orbit, astronauts on the International Space Station have baked some cookies in the oven that was sent up late last year.


Circumbinary planets, or Tatooines, are planets orbiting two stars. And while Kepler found a dozen, The TESS project, looking ‘closer’ to Earth, has added to the tally.


We’ve known for a while that Venus’ days were longer than it’s years but it turns out the length of those days is in flux.


And wrapping up this jam packed show is the news that the two stars of V Sagittae is on a collision course whose explosive end we’ll see by the end of the century.

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