Get Ready for Star Trek: Picard!

In Star Trek: Picard

The premiere of Star Trek: Picard is just four days away and the excitement is building for millions of Trekkies across the world.

Here at Trekzone we’re super excited for the rest of the world to see what we’ve already seen – we’re actually three eps into the series and have loved every moment, but we need to rewatch it to pick up on all the details that might’ve flown us by. In the meantime, be sure to catch up on a bunch of stuff around our little site to prepare you for Jean-Luc Picard’s next adventure.

We’ll have spoiler-free reviews on-line at one minute past midnight on Friday morning, followed by the spoiler filled episode pages at 9am every Saturday morning. Plus on a special dual podcast Sunday – we’ll be chatting with Larry Nemecek about the series, but for now catch what we knew about Picard back in May:


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