An Aussie Connection to Stardust Older Than The Solar System

In a little town north of the Victorian capital Melbourne called Murchison, a meteorite crashed to Earth in 1969. Since then geochemists have been studying the extra terrestrial rock’s composition and discovered that it contains carbon-12 and carbon-13 isotopes that predate the solar system. As Dr Brad Tucker said on this edition of Talkin’ Science it’s a really cool find to be able to physically hold a piece of rock that old.

Elsewhere in science and space news, a Japanese billionaire is looking for a girlfriend to go with him on his trip to the moon with SpaceX in 2023, that company having just completed a successful abort test for the Crew Dragon, the Double Tree by Hilton cookies baked on the space station are back on Earth and will now undergo testing to see how they performed and we’ve got a snapshot of four headlines… all on today’s Talkin’ Science with Dr Brad Tucker and Matt Miller.

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