January Sees Year-on-Year Rise as We Crack Into 2020

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The first month of the new decade has seen some pretty exciting growth for this humble little website.

We recorded a 20% rise in our reach year on year, with a reach of 143,057 users across social media, YouTube and the website. That growth can be attributed to more content being produced than last year, thanks to our Tuesdays through Saturdays being filled with both Talkin’ Science with Dr Brad Tucker and Talkin’ Science in 60 Seconds. Last month, our regular Trekzone Conversation series moved to Sundays.. but that may change again as we deep dive on the data for that move.

While our YouTube watch counts are lower than 12 months ago, we’re no longer advertising the videos (saving around $300 per month) and are quite happy with how those are playing out – given that almost all channels have a 10% subscriber to watch ratio. And while our watch counts may be low, the audience retention, watch time and reach are all up significantly. We reached 25, 952 folks on the platform and were watched for 111.1 hours.

On Twitter, our strongest platform, we rose by 62% year on year with an 86, 600 reach across 371 tweets, 238 mentions and 678 profile visits. Twitter is our home of what’s happening – live conference-style tweets and the occassional episode to rewatch. And on Facebook, where we recap and wrap up events, we achieved an increase of 31% totaling 26, 953 users.

In 2019, we reached one point four million users across all of these platforms and we’re well on the way to breaking that figure this year.


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