March 2021

Bucky Uwu & 16 Years Of NuWho

Join Matt and Keeley, together in the same room for the first time, for the rootenist tootenist Variety Show you’re likely to see. We’re diving into the first two eps

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Happy Birthday William Shatner

This week marks ninety orbits around the sun for the one and only Captain James T. Kirk. Of course, William Shatner is so much more than just that famous roles from the 60’s, so Larry Nemecek’s here to dive into it all.

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Recovering A Meteorite With The Global Fireball Observatory

Dr Luke Daly at the University of Glasgow led a recovery team to a very rare and precious carbonaceous chondrite meteorite. The Global Fireball Oversatory managed to guide the team to a radius of 400 meters to allow for a very fast recovery – maintaining the purity of the specimen.

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