Friday, May 24 2024 13:12 AEST

More Tidbits As Prodigy Inches Closer to Premiere

The final panel of First Contact Day introduced us to how Captain Janeway will fit into the motely crew that we were introduced to a few months ago.

The series will be set in the Delta Quadrant of 2383, following Voyager’s return home. There will be canonical tie ins with even The Original Series, and Mulgrew will portray a holographic version of Captain Janeway – a command training program.

As part of the panel Kate Mulgrew mused about Janeway’s role in Prodigy, “I think Janeway is one of the all-time ennobling characters. Her sense of command is inherent, unshakable. I don’t think of her as a hero, but as a leader. And kids are going to instinctively connect to her.”

Brother duo, and Prodigy creators Kevin and Dan Hageman say that “Kids are going to love that this show never talks down to them. Star Trek is never afraid to ask the complicated questions of its viewers.”

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