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Catching Up With Ray Tesi and Diving Into The Neutral Zone

It’s been almost five years since we met Ray, when he acquired the then Star Trek: Continues soundstage. He’s turned it into a place where fan film makers can come and make their shorts for the fun of it. But, some folks aren’t happy about that and think he’s impeding on James Cawley’s licensed Ticonderoga museum…

We reached out to James Cawley for a right of reply to Ray’s comments in this video, we received the following statement:

I never said Ray or anyone should not make fan films, by all means make them, but pay for them yourself, that is what I have said. SECOND, Ray is not just making fan films, he is opening up the studio for PUBLIC TOURS on weekends, whcih (sic) expressly violates my license I pay for thru CBS. If he was not doing that I wouldnt care about what he does, free or not it impacts my business. Ray has been told by CBS, as they have told me. It is wrong. Star Trek IS A business first and foremost and like it or not as much as I ascribe to it’s fictional values of inclusivity, They are not relevant in the real world of contracts and business. For the record, I have reached out to Ray in the past and left voicemail, he NEVER responded. He is in the wrong by offering tours, fan films I have no issue with. CBS is well aware, it takes time.

James Cawley statement to Trekzone – 15/7/21

Unfortunately James declined our request for an interview, because it would be great to follow up a few points he has made in this statement.

  • 1) CBS expressly allows the fundraising of up to $50,000 for fan films, why does he believe fans should “pay for them (themselves)”?
  • 2) How does one open day a month affect his business and violate his license? Does that license specifically state that no other Star Trek set is allowed to open publicly?
  • 3) What does he mean by “CBS is well aware, it takes time”?
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