Aussie Made CubeSat Set For Launch From Home Soil

A pair of Adelaide-based space companies have partnered with the South Australian government to manufacture and launch it's first cubesat.

Inovor Technolgies and Myriota will work closely with local space industry stakeholders to send a 6-unit nanosatellite, SASAT1, into low Earth orbit within 15 months according a press release issued last week.

With an operational life expectancy of five years, SASAT1 will survey the state’s weather and natural environment as part of a bold mission to provide a turnkey solution for the first time in Australian history.

“Not only will the satellite help us make better decisions for state services, it comprehensively cements South Australia as the space state.” State Premier Steven Marshall said.

We’ll be following this story closely as it develops on Talkin’ Science, which returns Tuesday February 2 for it’s third season.

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