Updating Our Social Media Appearances

Effective immediately, Trekzone has suspended posting to Facebook and Instagram. Get the latest info on where you can officially find us in this special post.

Effective immediately, Trekzone has suspended posting to Facebook and Instagram following Facebook’s brash decision to attempt to strong arm the Australian government into changing it’s policy on the media bargaining laws that have bipartisan support.

We freely acknowledge that some in the traditional media also feel they can wield this power – and it is equally as abhorrent, and we do not support those businesses either. We have decided to walk away from our Facebook and Instagram accounts after the tech giant suppressed access to vital government information yesterday – by suspending government pages including numerous state Health Departments, Fire, Police and Emergency services pages as well as various local groups and small businesses.

Trekzone has also been impacted, with access to the official Star Trek and fan site Trekcore pages disabled as well as our own page unable to be viewed on mobile devices.

Facebook continues to suppress the mainstream media in Australia, and seemingly worldwide – preventing any Australian user for accessing news content. Yet, conspiracy theorists continue to receive tacit approval.

You can now find Trekzone officially on Twitter and YouTube as well as this website which will be ad free, always.

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