Trekzone Membership Is Better Than Ever With A New Platform Ready To Serve You!

Thanks to YouTube, we can now pool our resources to bring you the best experience possible without needing another app, another payment method and other troublesome efforts.

We’re thrilled to announce that for just $3.99 Australian per month you’ll get access to behind the scenes content – exclusive announcements on confirmed guests, events coming up, coverage we’re planning and details of our fan films as they happen – plus early access to every single podcast as soon as it’s uploaded so you don’t have to wait for our public releases.

Trekzone is the world’s only daily science, space and science fiction podcast network – with video episodes on our YouTube channel and audio on all of the major podcasting apps. From Richard Dean Anderson to Dominic Keating, Alice Krige to Joseph Mallozzi, Jason Isaacs and Anson Mount… we meet them, chat with them and upload the results to our network!

Plus the Aussie Space Industry is going from strength to strength as the Federal Government aims to employ an additional 20,000 people by the end of the decade… all with the aim of building and retaining sovereign launch capabilities from right here in the land down under. And Trekzone is your front seat to whats going on, we’re interviewing the movers and shakers as part of Talkin’ Science … from Gilmour Space to Hypersonix, Southern Launch Australia and even the researchers and astronomers making and leading discoveries about our cosmos.

So join us for the ride, just $3.99 Australian a month for the best time you can have learning on YouTube. Click the JOIN button now on any Trekzone video and sign up today… but critically, nothing changes if you don’t want to pay, all I’d ask is that you click the subscribe button and ring the bell to get notified when we release episodes publicly… that also helps boost our ranking in YouTube’s eyes!

If you’re reading this post, all you have to do is click here to beam straight over to our join page – and if you’re signed in, you’ll be prompted straight away to confirm your subscription.


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